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CBD is a cannabinoid which, unlike THC, is non psychoactive and doesn’t give you any unwanted side effects. It’s become a popular alternative to medical cannabis due to its legal availability and the wide range of ways to use it. 

While there are many different methods of consumption for CBD nowadays, CBD Isolate is arguably the purest and most potent. It’s also easily infused into all kinds of products, although you can also consume it as it is. To make CBD Isolate, the plant extracts go through a complex purification process which removes all plant matter, oil, and chlorophyll until you’re left with pure CBD powder.

Below are five benefits for using CBD based products and how you can improve your quality of life by using CBD balms, salt soaks, and other topical methods. 

  1. Relieves chronic pain
  2. Powerful antioxidant
  3. Reduces inflammation
  4. Reduces anxiety
  5. CBD is neuroprotective

Tell us how you incorporate CBD into your daily wellness. 


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